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Shortlist Candidates For Web Development

Name Stream Performance_PG Performance_UG Performance_12 Performance_10 Sakshi Gupta Software Engineering 7.56/100 7.34/100 7.34/100 7.40/100 Nikita Khadke Information Technology N/A 8.65/10 N/A 79.40/100 Sachin Baghele Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) N/A 65.67/100 53.50/100 73.84/100 Shreya Agrawal Computer  Science N/A 5.00/10 6.00/10 8.00/10 Pramod Sharma Computer  Science N/A 60.23/100 70.80/100 78.00/100 Ramvilas Kushwah N/A 62.92/100 53.00/100 N/A […]

Shortlist Candidates For Human Resources (HR)

Name Stream Performance_PG Performance_UG Performance_12 Performance_10 Divya Thota HR N/A 58.00/100 53.00/100 75.00/100 Jayashri Choudhari Accounts N/A 67.00/100 87.77/100 86.67/100 ASHAY SATPUTE Mathematics N/A 49.62/100 53.64/100 64.72/100 Ankita Khandagale FINANCE, HR 8.04/10 59.30/100 67.08/100 88.55/100 Akshay Meshram Electrical Engineering N/A 5.75/10 54.92/100 73.80/100 Rajeev Kumar Nuclear Engineering 8.00/10 8.32/10 68.33/100 84.60/100 NITIN TAGDE Social Work […]

Kota Job Fair Qualify Candidates Marks

Interview Schedule Sent Via Email to Candidates  Qualify Candidates Marks Name (First Name) Candidate (Surname) Marks jitendra singh hada 26 Shiv nandan Meghwal 26 Aditi Nama 27 KULDEEP SHARMA 27 Dhanraj suman 27 Jyoti Thakur 27 Hitesh Nagar 28 akash kumar 32 vaishali sen 33 Ravi Kumar 35  

Supervisor Joint Examination is Terminated

Notice No.: DRC/CAN/01/2018                                                                                   Date – 10/08/2018 Supervisor Joint Examination is terminated because of the being […]

Appointment canceled

Order No.: HR/J02/2018  Date.: 02 June 2018 The study centers and block managers or district coordinators have not been working previous three months, their appointment has been canceled. There is no connection with these people with our institute. These study center are canceled recognition of and are deleted login ID

General Information For Support Ticket

If an employee does not attend the call on our helpline, then you can book the ticket by going to the contact menu. यदि हमारी हेल्पलाइन पर कोई कर्मचारी कॉल अटेंड नहीं करता हे तो आप कांटेक्ट ऑप्शन में जाकर टिकट बुक कर सकते हे

Order For Courses

According to the guidelines of the government, the monthly student admission process has been stopped for any course.Student admission half yearly system will be available in the January and July sessions. अब सरकार के दिशानिर्देशों के अनुसार, किसी भी पाठ्यक्रम के लिए मासिक छात्र प्रवेश प्रक्रिया को रोक दिया गया है। छात्र प्रवेश अर्धवार्षिक प्रणाली […]

Job Fair Jaipur Shortlist Candidates

Shortlist Candidates List in Job Fair Jaipur (Org By Department of IT, Govt of Rajasthan) # Name 1 OMPRAKASH MEENA 2 DEEN BANDHU NARUKA 3 DEEPU DHAKAR 4 HIMANI VERMA 5 SUMIT SHARMA 6 DEVENDRA KUMAR RAIGAR 7 HANSRAJ SINGARIYA 8 MUKESH SEVDA 9 mrs.kanta verma 10 tejaram gadhawal 11 Harpal 12 chetram prajapat 13 […]

Block Manager Joint appointment letter 2nd

Block Manager Joining Letter 2nd Click Here For Download Block Manager Joint appointment letter 2nd Order no:- DRC/AL/02/2018                                                                                                        Date:- 14 Feb 2018 Noti.No.: DRC/REC/01/2017 AND DRC/REC/02/2017 The following 106 eligible candidates  for post of agent cum block manager in district coordinator /agent cum block manager recruitment have been given appointment in the following block. These […]