• Overview

DSRVS provides Online / Offline Examination Services to help Government Organizations, Corporate and Educational Institutes select candidates based on their specific requirement. Our in-house built system offers a series of efficient services for high stakes and other examinations across India and abroad. It has reduced human intervention in processes hence adding to transparency and credibility of the System. The time required for massive evaluation procedures has been reduced drastically using the automated processes.
We manage high stakes and critical examinations conducted by various government and examination bodies across the country. Our Services encompass all aspects of Online Examination Solutions ranging from the Candidate Registration process to the Test Results Processing. We provide the engine software, resources, test venues, technology and the entire support system throughout the process.

  • Our Key Strengths
  • ❯Our Reach: 1098 DSRVS centers across All Districts. In addition we also have our partner network tie-up of 4.30 lakhs+ seat capacity.
  • ❯Integrated services: our different business divisions –Software services, Infrastructure management services and analytics; all provide a symbiotic relationship that further boosts our Examination solutions.
  • ❯Our 3+ years of experience and expertise in the business of conducting examinations have honed our skills and abilities to manage large scale, high stakes examinations.
  • ❯DSRVS is known for its sense of integrity in the way it provides its services.


  •  Assessment Framework
  •  Theoretical Knowledge
  •  Practical/Technical Knowledge
  •  Attendance Percentage During Training
  •  Soft Skills
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Financial
  •  Digital
  •  Generic Skills
  •  Aptitude
  •  Behavioral Approach

Assessor’s Empanelment

  • Pool Of Well Qualified And Experienced Assessors For Different Job Roles Across Various States Of India.
  • As Per Protocol, All Assessors Are Having 6+ Years Of Experience
  • Assessors Have Been Empanelled For States In Which Trainings Are Already Going On..

Role of Subject Matter Experts(SME)

  • We Believe In “Efficiency & Effectiveness”, So To Drive Quality Assessments We Have EXPERTS Available For Different Job Roles.
  • Designing & Developing Of Question Bank
  • Validation & Cross Checking Of Question Papers
  • Assessor’s Empanelment
  • Monitoring Assessments
  • Update Assessors’ Knowledge
  • Trainings To Assessors

OMR Based Assessments

  • Paper Based In PDF Format
  • Response Of Candidates Is Recorded On OMR Sheet With Unique Registration Number
  • Results Gets Converted With The Help Of OMR Software